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Sprint Zombie

When the zombie apocalypse finally comes, the un-dead will probably need cell service too.  You know, so they can keep up to date on where the best feeding frenzies are and such.  Feast your eyes upon the Sprint Zombie.


We did a full head sculpt for this guy, over the top of the casting of the actor’s head.  Ghoulish hand detailing is also sculpted into the creature’s face.  Once the sculpts are finished we mold and cast the applications in foam latex.  We work the head out in a way so the make-up is similar to a Halloween mask, making the head a one-piece application.  Some prosthetic applications are multiple pieces with several attachment points.  On this guy we only have to attach and glue seams around the actor’s eyes, mouth and ears.  A disheveled wig of real human hair is then added after the application is gruesomely painted.






Don’t cry, little buddy. We’ll have you back out eating brains in no time.


And another human is decomposed for your viewing pleasure!  This spot is quite funny, and the zombie looks like he will be a reoccurring character for Sprint.  Luckily for them, zombies live forever, as long as they keep him well fed.  Check out the full spot below, along with a follow up piece.  We’ll continue to chew your ear on the next hair-raising post.


-Legacy EFX



World War Z

We <3 zombies!  The very thought of these creatures inspires mixed emotions, from fear to fascination.  A genre arguably perfected by George A. Romero, fans of zombie films are almost as rabid as the zombies themselves.  Therefore, being true to the lineage is vital.  One of 2013’s biggest films, World War Z, is the newest installment of the popular horror canon, and Legacy was chosen to add our expertise.  The particular virus that takes over these poor souls is quick and brutal, and you would not want a horde of them running you down an alley, that’s for sure.  Because these baddies move so fast, you don’t always get a clear shot of them in the film.  Let’s slow these buggers down and give you a good, close look without getting your face bitten off.  The preceding images in this post are all from a series of test make-ups we did for the film.  View at your own risk.



GAAAAAHH!!!  That picture above says it all!  These creatures don’t even need to lunge at your throat to make your blood run cold.  The transformation of these zombies is simple but effective.  We sculpted some vein work onto each zombie application around the neck and throughout the face.  You can practically see the deadly virus coursing through their veins, consuming their entire being.  Spots of patchy discolored skin show the rapid decay, along with raised cheekbone applications with paint and shading around the eyes to make the face appear as if it is caving in.  Cataract and lightened iris contact lenses are added to give the look of a soulless maniacal killer.  On the business end of the zombies, we’ve added gnarled teeth that look as if they have been damaged from chewing remorselessly through sinew and bone.







Voilà! You just got a close up look at some of the most terrifying zombie creations ever to hit the silver screen.  World War Z has quickly made its way into being one of the best zombie movies of all time, and the opportunity to add our special touch to the undead is an amazing treat.  We hope you enjoy this look into the making of these groovy ghoulies.  We hope you’re dying to come back all month long for more gory posts.


-Legacy EFX



Reliant Zombie

Zombies, zombies, zombies!!  Everywhere you turn around these days there are zombies.  Well, we couldn’t be happier!  Here’s the zombie we created for Reliant Energy, and boy is he pretty!


The zombie is portrayed by our own key concept designer, Ian Joyner, who was selected from numerous Legacy crewmembers that tried out for the part, each one of them providing a horrific and totally “blackmailable” filmed audition for the role.



He’s your pretty standard zombie–rotting flesh, dead eyes, and remains of his last feed still on his lipless mouth. We did a foam latex applique for this zombie, including face, chest, and arms.  Check out the images below to see the monstrous transformation!






So much effort went into transforming Ian for this piece, and in the final product you really only see the silhouette of his legs.  Oh well, c’est la vie.  See the Reliant spot below in its entirety.  We still turned out a pretty creepy zombie that we can be proud of, and we can’t wait to sink our teeth into the next one, so bring ‘em on!  Check back all month long for some awesome posts and behind the scenes views of some of our most deadly projects.


-Legacy EFX



Honda Zombie

We love zombies here at Legacy, they are one of the most fun creatures to create in design stage and fabrication. One of the many zombie pieces we had the privilege to work on is the Honda Zombie commercial from 2012.


This piece was great, because we got to make a zombie as if he is involved in every day life.  He golfs, he goes to work, he socializes, and he drives a Honda!  Because he dresses like you and me, we were only required to make prosthetic effects for his head and hands.  These effects were able to be your typical foam latex appliques that started as sculpted clay over a casting of the actor’s face.








It’s so cool to take an established piece of pop culture and distort what is expected of it.  Commercials tend to be the best place for that and we’re so glad to be a part.  Check back all month for new posts featuring creeps, ghoulies and monsters.  We’re “dying” to show you more.

-Legacy EFX