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Charter Werewolf

I can do anything you can do better; I can make a werewolf better than you!  Ok, maybe it doesn’t roll off the tongue quite like the original song, but we’re pretty confident we made a classic Lon Chaneyesque werewolf.  Meet the Wolfman of Charter Cable.


Charter Cable has a pretty cool concept for their commercial in which they take Irving Berlin’s “Anything You Can Do, I Can Do Better”, from Annie Get Your Gun, and perform it with several characters from different movie genres across several different media devices.  One of those characters is the iconic Wolfman, and Legacy was up to the task to make him sing.  In fact, Legacy’s own co-founder, John Rosengrant, suited up as the furry falsetto.   Well, maybe he’s more of a tenor.








Even though the spot is fairly brief, we put a lot of detail into this makeup.  We went with a full upper body suit with fur arms, chest and back piece, plus foam latex mask applique and fangs.  You can’t even tell that’s John’s handsome face under all that fur.




Frankenstein, vampires, and now Wolfman. We have almost all the classics covered, and we aren’t even two weeks into October.  Check the full Charter spot below to hear John flexing his furry chops in a beautiful rendition of Berlin’s masterpiece.  Keep checking back all month for more hair-raising Halloween posts, only from Legacy.


-Legacy EFX