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Sears Chupacabra

Let’s turn our attention to one of the scariest creatures of Mexican lore, the Chupacabra!  This pesky critter is to blame for vicious goat attacks across South America.  In this Spanish language spot for Sears, the Chupa turns up in a family’s garage as dad is testing out his new matter fabrication laser.


The Chupacabra is a legend as old as Mexico itself, yet unlike the legend of Bigfoot or even Nessie, no one really knows what the Chupacabra looks like.  That’s where we get to have a lot of fun!  Our designers whipped up some awesome concepts of what a Chupacabra may look like according to tales and  “sightings” of the creature.  Once the design is approved, we dive in on sculpting this effect as a full body suit for the actor.





After sculpting is complete, the suit is cast in foam rubber and painted with exacting detail.  A fiberglass “skull” is created and fits over the actor’s head and face.  The Chupa’s face, mouth and eyes are all animatronic, so the skull houses all the gears and servos that operate the movement of those features.  Once the skin is placed over and adhered to the skull, the actor is able to suit up, and boom!–you have one creepy-ass goat eater on your hands.




We hope you enjoyed this look into the making of the Sears Chupacabra.  Check out the spot below to see the creep in full action.  See you on the next spooktacular post!