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H&R Block Reaper

Let’s turn our attention to the Santa Claus of Halloween: the Grim Reaper himself!  What is more certain in this life than death and taxes?  Well, H&R Block put the two together in a chilling Super Bowl ad, where Death visits his accountant to inform him of his errors and to take his business to H&R Block.  The spot is tongue-in-cheek, but that did not stop us from creating a horrifying depiction of Death.


Death is already intimidating on his own, but we decided to make him even more so by exaggerating his height to nearly double that of an average man.  This menacing, looming figure will take your breath away.  We built an inner structure that can be attached to the actor inside the cloak.  Because it attaches right to the actor’s shoulders, any movement the actor makes will accurately translate to the heightened figure, thereby looking more authentic.  A structure of this sort also keeps the actors’ hands free to articulate the skeletal arms of Death.


Sorry James, it was nice knowing you.





Death is a great character to create, albeit a well known one.  We were up to the challenge of taking this class creature and amping the design up to make him more terrifying than ever.   The gentleman who did Death’s taxes is one brave soul, to be sure.  Check the full spot below, and pray our victim isn’t at H&R Block the same day you get your taxes done.  Check back for more deadly posts this month, only at Legacy Effects!