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Exciting iMut8r News!

In 2008, we at Legacy had a dream: That one day you could take photos of yourself and your loved ones and turn them into the most repulsive amalgam of horror imaginable. One foggy fall eve that year, the iMut8r app was born.

imut8r blog pic 1Mwuhahahaha


The app was a hit. People from all over the globe turned selfies into hideous portraits of terror. It was named App of the Week by Apple. It created mass hysteria that shut down entire cities for weeks. Okay, that last one wasn’t true. But our app has been a perennial Halloween favorite the past five years. People mix and match from eight different monster categories to create original mutations, never-before-seen amalgamations of sinew, suture and fang to impress their friends and intimidate enemies.

imut8r blog pic 3

Well we’ve got some great news: iMut8r 2.2.0 has just been released! It’s been updated for iOS7 and the iPhone 5 and has an entirely new monster category to choose from, The Creeping Flesh, where you can scar your skin or make it crawl and melt!


imut8r blog pic 2
Got a photo of you and a friend? Share your epidermal maladies and conjoin yourselves! It’s a brand new feature for 2.2.0 that’s got us spooked.

photo 2

iMut8r is one of our favorite creations, because we get to see what other people create with it. Update to the new version and let’s see what you make! (It’s a dollar in the Apple App Store for newbies.)