18 October

T-Mobile Frankenstein

Welcome back, boys and ghouls!  The month is half way through, and we are still cranking out spooky posts to tantalize your taste for the macabre.  Today’s post is another iteration of the classic creature, Frankenstein’s Monster.  We’ve done a few Frankys over the years, and he never gets old.  From the classic look of Karloff to our own take on the beast; each one is a treat and special to us in different ways.  This time we would like to introduce you to T-Mobile’s Franky.


Look at that piecemeal mug; that is a handsome monster!  We jumped into this version of Franky with both platform-shoed feet first.  We took a life cast of the actor’s face and set our art department straight to work on sculpting.  We did a few designs of the creature, but ultimately wanted him to feel like he was pieced together from many faces.  If you look closely, you can even see that one of his ears is positioned lower and further away from his face than the other.






After the sculpt is complete, we mold and cast this makeup in a foam latex prosthetic appliance that is split into four pieces; head, nose/upper lip, ear and jaw.  The prosthetic is applied to the face with the use of spirit gum, and blended together to camoflauge the seams.  All pieces and exposed skin are painted the ghoulish grey/green color expected of a Frankenstein Monster.  Stitches, staples and bolts are added as the final touches, with the custom wig topping off the whole effect.  Since bulky clothes cover most of his body, the only areas that require makeup are the face, forearms and hands.  Detailed makeup is applied to the wrists to make the hands appear stitched to the arms.  The arms and hands are then painted to match the flesh tone of his head.








130330_Frankenstein_SET_58914 (1)

“It’s alive!”  A reanimated monster is thus created and at your service and here to tell you about the benefits of T-Mobile!  Frankenstein’s Monster is a staple of the pages of pop culture icons, and as long as the Frankenstein challenge is thrown our way, we will continue to knock it out of the park with our effects.  Check out the hilarious spot below featuring our Franky in his failed attempt to put his obtuse creator in his place.  See you on the next post, raised straight from the grave.


-Legacy EFX