21 October

Sprint Zombie

When the zombie apocalypse finally comes, the un-dead will probably need cell service too.  You know, so they can keep up to date on where the best feeding frenzies are and such.  Feast your eyes upon the Sprint Zombie.


We did a full head sculpt for this guy, over the top of the casting of the actor’s head.  Ghoulish hand detailing is also sculpted into the creature’s face.  Once the sculpts are finished we mold and cast the applications in foam latex.  We work the head out in a way so the make-up is similar to a Halloween mask, making the head a one-piece application.  Some prosthetic applications are multiple pieces with several attachment points.  On this guy we only have to attach and glue seams around the actor’s eyes, mouth and ears.  A disheveled wig of real human hair is then added after the application is gruesomely painted.






Don’t cry, little buddy. We’ll have you back out eating brains in no time.


And another human is decomposed for your viewing pleasure!  This spot is quite funny, and the zombie looks like he will be a reoccurring character for Sprint.  Luckily for them, zombies live forever, as long as they keep him well fed.  Check out the full spot below, along with a follow up piece.  We’ll continue to chew your ear on the next hair-raising post.


-Legacy EFX