Robot Design Contest Small
24 September

Robot Design Contest Winner

Legacy recently partnered with Stan Winston School to judge their robot design contest. Our resident 3D printing specialist Jason Lopes picked the winner, Hajeer Jomehri’s Robobeast, out of dozens of submitted 3D designs and printed it on our Connex 500.


“His aesthetic really jumped out at me,” Lopes explains. “The contours to the mechanics in Hajeer’s design are really stunning.” The piece was printed in Vero Gray. “I would call Vero Gray our ‘house resin.’ It’s the most multipurpose resin and I think the grow turned out perfect.”


The final printed Robobeast is currently on its way to Jomehri, so we thought we’d share the results with you guys. Our congratulations to Hajeer on his awesome work and a big thank you to Ryan Hayford at Stratasys for donating the material!


Hajeer Jomehri’s Robobeast Computer 3D Models Below

Visit his website here


Hajeer’s original 3D design.



Jason Lopes hard at work cleaning the winning piece.



The final grown and cleaned piece!