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Robot Design Contest Small
24 September

Robot Design Contest Winner

Legacy recently partnered with Stan Winston School to judge their robot design contest. Our resident 3D printing specialist Jason Lopes picked the winner, Hajeer Jomehri’s Robobeast, out of dozens of submitted 3D designs and printed it on our Connex 500.   “His aesthetic really jumped out at me,” Lopes explains. “The contours to the mechanics in […]

08 September

Iron Man 3: The Suits

Iron Man 3 – What more do we need to say?  It is probably the biggest film of 2013, and Legacy has been honored to be a part of this amazing franchise.  As the creators of every live-action Iron Man suit since the first Iron Man, as well as The Avengers, Legacy can’t wait for […]

16 July

Pacific Rim [UPDATE]

Pacific Rim is out! And with people like Harry Knowles imploring, “You must pay witness to this movie,” and Kanye calling it an all-time favorite, we’re starting to get excited. The list of practical effects Legacy made for Pac Rim is extensive, from the intricately armored pilot suits to the gargantuan machinery of the conn-pod, […]

10 July

Zicam Cold Monster [UPDATE]

UPDATE! Check out this awesome behind the scenes video we threw together for the loveable, yet unruly Zicam Cold Monster, and continue on to the post below. Zicam…  Sounds like a cold medication, not a creature effect, right?  Well, strangely enough, it is a cold medication and a creature effect.  The Zicam Cold Monster, represents […]

22 May

X-Men: Days of Future Past “Mystique”

The other day, X-Men: Days of Future Past Director, Bryan Singer, tweeted out a picture of Jennifer Lawrence in her Mystique body application.  Legacy’s own, Mike Ornelaz, is there to assist in the application process of this legendary Marvel villain.  Of course, this is only a sneak peek, but Legacy has quite a few contributions to […]

08 May

Bush’s Baked Beans Action Figures

Beans, beans, the magical… commercial?!?  Everyone is familiar with Jay Bush of Bush’s Baked Beans and his loveable talking dog, Duke.  But you probably wouldn’t expect to see Legacy involved in commercial effects for baked beans.  Well, surprise! Just before Christmas of 2012, Bush’s Baked Beans contacted us for a new commercial idea for their […]

02 May

DIRECTV Biting Tortoise

Everyone is familiar with DIRECTV, and over the years they have released some very memorable adverts. Recently they were prepping to release 4 new ads for their service featuring the popular “DIRECTV Genie”. Director Tom Kuntz was looking for a large tortoise to bite the finger of an actor in one of these spots. The […]

Iron Man 3
18 April

Iron Man 3

Check out this awesome Iron Man 3 behind the scenes video where Lindsay and Shane suit Robert Downy Jr. up! More Iron Man 3 Coming Soon.  Check back often for updates.

06 March

Beck Binaural Head

A few weeks back, Legacy got a call from to do a “super secret” project with musician Beck, and Lincoln automobiles. We immediately thought, “Please let this be a sequel to the song Sex Laws involving over-amorous automobiles”. While sadly, this was not the case, it actually turned out to be a much cooler, […]

07 February


Summer movie season is almost upon us!  To kick it off early this year is the eagerly anticipated action spectacular, Oblivion, starring Tom Cruise and Morgan Freeman.  This blockbuster sci-fi epic is an original and groundbreaking cinematic event from the director of TRON: Legacy, and the producer of Rise of the Planet of the Apes.  […]