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15 October

Exciting iMut8r News!

In 2008, we at Legacy had a dream: That one day you could take photos of yourself and your loved ones and turn them into the most repulsive amalgam of horror imaginable. One foggy fall eve that year, the iMut8r app was born. Mwuhahahaha   The app was a hit. People from all over the […]

14 October

H&R Block Reaper

Let’s turn our attention to the Santa Claus of Halloween: the Grim Reaper himself!  What is more certain in this life than death and taxes?  Well, H&R Block put the two together in a chilling Super Bowl ad, where Death visits his accountant to inform him of his errors and to take his business to […]

11 October

World War Z

We <3 zombies!  The very thought of these creatures inspires mixed emotions, from fear to fascination.  A genre arguably perfected by George A. Romero, fans of zombie films are almost as rabid as the zombies themselves.  Therefore, being true to the lineage is vital.  One of 2013’s biggest films, World War Z, is the newest […]

10 October

Charter Werewolf

I can do anything you can do better; I can make a werewolf better than you!  Ok, maybe it doesn’t roll off the tongue quite like the original song, but we’re pretty confident we made a classic Lon Chaneyesque werewolf.  Meet the Wolfman of Charter Cable. Charter Cable has a pretty cool concept for their […]

07 October

Reliant Zombie

Zombies, zombies, zombies!!  Everywhere you turn around these days there are zombies.  Well, we couldn’t be happier!  Here’s the zombie we created for Reliant Energy, and boy is he pretty! The zombie is portrayed by our own key concept designer, Ian Joyner, who was selected from numerous Legacy crewmembers that tried out for the part, […]

05 October

AT&T Monster

Continuing our Halloween themed posts, meet the AT&T Monster!   “The brief called for a big, furry monster-in-the-closet-type thing, but friendly,” lead artist, Vance Hartwell, explains. The monster’s proportions were very top-heavy. “The clients wanted a monster similar to that big, red monster with the tennis shoes in Warner Brothers cartoons; that kind of body proportion”.  A […]

04 October

Chipotle Frankenstein

Picture this: you’re out trick or treating, minding your own business, and suddenly a big Chipotle burrito drops right into your treat bag!  Well, that may not happen, but Chipotle restaurants did the next best thing.  Last year they did a promotion in which burritos were only $2 for all costumers in costume.  Not a […]

03 October

Audi Vampires

Continuing the theme of monsters and their desire for acceptance into the real world, we present to you with the Audi Vampire Super Bowl commercial from 2012.  Vampires are hot; just ask all those die hard Twilight fans out there.  Those ladies are CRAZY.  However, these slinky creatures of the night are just trying to […]

02 October

Honda Zombie

We love zombies here at Legacy, they are one of the most fun creatures to create in design stage and fabrication. One of the many zombie pieces we had the privilege to work on is the Honda Zombie commercial from 2012.   This piece was great, because we got to make a zombie as if […]

01 October

Frankenstein “It’s Alive” Charity Auction

It’s Halloween time, boys and ghouls, and what better way to celebrate than a whole month of blog posts packed with the spooky effects you have come to know and love from Legacy Effects? Sure, a costume party with scantily clad ‘nurses’ and ‘kittens’ could be better, but this is right up there. So let’s […]