02 October

Honda Zombie

We love zombies here at Legacy, they are one of the most fun creatures to create in design stage and fabrication. One of the many zombie pieces we had the privilege to work on is the Honda Zombie commercial from 2012.


This piece was great, because we got to make a zombie as if he is involved in every day life.  He golfs, he goes to work, he socializes, and he drives a Honda!  Because he dresses like you and me, we were only required to make prosthetic effects for his head and hands.  These effects were able to be your typical foam latex appliques that started as sculpted clay over a casting of the actor’s face.








It’s so cool to take an established piece of pop culture and distort what is expected of it.  Commercials tend to be the best place for that and we’re so glad to be a part.  Check back all month for new posts featuring creeps, ghoulies and monsters.  We’re “dying” to show you more.

-Legacy EFX