17 October

Honda Monster

Imagine driving around with your friends in your brand new Honda, your freshly manicured claws tapping along to the rhythm of your favorite song, the wind blowing through your fur.  Hey, girls just wanna have fun… even monster girls.  Meet the Honda Monster!


This Honda spot and the beast we created for it is a lot of fun.  Like the Zicam Monster, we made a complete monster with full fur suit and animatronic eyes, ears and mouth.  As you see in the images below, there is a lot that went into this suit to transform our little actress, Misty Rosas, into a complete furry co-ed, headed out for an afternoon on the town.  The under suit is made of foam, shaped to fill out the monster’s body and the fur applications over it.



The hands and feet are foam “gloves” made to fit over the Misty’s own appendages.  The head is similar to a fiberglass helmet, with built in animatronics for the eyes, mouth and ears.  The animatronics are then remote operated by a puppeteer off camera.  Great care is taken with the placement and operation of the motors and servos for the mechanics, as they are literally centimeters from the Misty’s face.  The hair and fur for the suit is hand dyed and is hand punched with colored spots to give the monster her unique coloring.







And there you have it, another creature courtesy of Legacy Effects!  View the spot below in its entirety to see how cute our little monsteress turned out.  She was a lot of fun, and not a bad driver if you ask us.  We’ll see you on the next monster of a post, from the team here at Legacy!  Thanks for stomping by.


-Legacy EFX