01 October

Frankenstein “It’s Alive” Charity Auction

It’s Halloween time, boys and ghouls, and what better way to celebrate than a whole month of blog posts packed with the spooky effects you have come to know and love from Legacy Effects? Sure, a costume party with scantily clad ‘nurses’ and ‘kittens’ could be better, but this is right up there. So let’s kick off this awesome month with one of the most notable movie creatures of all time, Frankenstein’s Monster!


A face only everyone can love!

A face only everyone can love!

Bet you thought the above photo was a colorized image of Karloff the Uncanny himself.   It’s actually a spitting image sculpture of the amazing Boris, but the finish is all from Legacy Effects.  We put this together as a charity auction piece for the “It’s Alive” project, supporting St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital.  One of the greatest movie monsters of all time, Frankenstein’s monster is a huge influence, and the reason many of us are in the business today.  Naturally, we jumped at the chance to recreate this silver screen legend in an immortal medium, especially for such a great cause.

The criteria for this project are to use an existing unfinished Frankenstein’s monster bust, and from it create an art piece.  Being the movie geeks we are, we want to stay true to the image of the monster as he would appear in real life.  We tried to deliver  the most accurate representation of Franky as we could, adding realistic skin, scaring and hair to make this beast come alive.

110922_Franky_painting_WIP_58867 110921_Franky_painting_WIP_58864


Eye See You


Chicks Dig Scars ….And Staples.

111004_Frankenstein (1) 111004_Frankenstein (3) 111004_Frankenstein (8) 111004_Frankenstein (62)

This has been an unbelievable opportunity to work on a memorable piece and raise money for an amazing charity.  Please visit the “It’s Alive” site to see all of the other creative pieces, and even a few with the option to purchase and add to the donation.  Check back often, because this month will be chock full of creepy goodness!


-Legacy EFX