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Welcome To The Legacy Effects Blog!

Have you been wondering how all those awesome scenes in your favorite movies were made?  Have you looked at a film and thought, “Is that a traditional effect or CG?  It’s so darn good, I just can’t tell.”  Are you an inquisitive studio executive, director, producer, indie filmmaker or just a rabid fan?  Well look no further; we at Legacy effects have all the answers, plus much MUCH more.  We started out making film, T.V. and commercial effects set to the exacting standards of the great Stan Winston, and we have no plans on deviating from that course.  From the simplest concept, to the most detailed dream, we can tackle it without even a flinch, and show you how it was made along the way.  In this production blog you will learn how movie magic comes to life, and what Legacy effects can offer.  No job is too big or small for us.  From major blockbusters, to commercials, to video games, we handle it all!  Check us out, and check back often, because we always have something new to share, as well as a few teasers along the way.   Traditional creature and make-up effects, concept designs, digital effects and compositing, we are the go-to leader in the effects industry!  We hope you like what you see, and we love to hear from you, so feel free to follow us and hit us up on Twitter @LegacyEffects as well!

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Academy Awards®

85th Academy Award® Nominations

Award season is here, and the nominees for the 85th annual Academy Awards® are out.  We at Legacy wish the sincerest congratulations to all the nominees.  A lot of great productions, talent, and filmmakers are up for the Oscar® this year, and we are honored to have played a part in some ways.  We were privileged to be involved in several Oscar® nominated films this year by contributing 150 suits of armor for Snow White and the Huntsman, revisiting the Marvel universe on The Avengers by constructing another updated Iron Man suit for Robert Downy Jr., as well as helping co-design the Hulk with Marvel and ILM.  Not to mention the scores of animals we created for Life of Pi, which is up for best film, director and many more.  We are extremely proud to be a part of these films, and wish the best of luck to all involved.  Be sure to cast your votes for your favorite films here, and catch the Oscars® February 24th.