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Legacy Goes To Washington

One of the greatest honors for us as a studio is being invited to the White House, and we have been given this honor, not one, but three times.  On this third visit, we are extremely excited to have been included in the Bring Hollywood To Washington event, arranged by mega producer, Harvey Weinstein.  This event is held for high school students from the surrounding D.C. areas who are interested in the craft of film making.  For this symposium, several rooms of the White House are dedicated to the different disciplines of Hollywood movie making, from directing and producing, to special effects and wardrobe.  Guess where Legacy fit in!


This event is a full hands-on experience for the kids.  The purpose of this experience is to submerge them in the different film making trades, and get them excited about a possible future in the industry.  The Legacy Effects set up is in the legendary Blue Room, where we have make-up stations, prop displays and a 3D scanning station.  In our presentation, we explain to the participants how life casting and scanning is accomplished.  We even scan each kid, and let him or her see their 3D-self built on screen in real time.  The kids are then able to assist in make-up applications, creating effects such as cuts, scars and burns on some of the White House’s own staff and interns.  Michelle Obama, the First Lady herself, even stopped by to observe the gruesome transformation of her staff!  We offered to transform her too, but Secret Service wasn’t having it.



Source: The Washington Post








Scott Stoddard, our make-up artist, is on hand for all the physical demos, and recounts a funny story of one of Mrs. Obama’s security advisers.  “He wanted to get a split nose with stitches in it, and we had a couple appliances that had stitches.” Stoddard recalls, “So I did one up on him, and he went down to where her [Michelle Obama] office was and pretended that he had fallen down the marble stairs and broke his nose and had to get it stitched together.  It freaked her [Michelle Obama] out, and she actually brought it up later to us and a panel of reporters and stuff.”


Mrs. Obama was truly in awe of the level of detail in the make-up process.  Stoddard recalls, “[Mrs. Obama said] she knew there was make-up being done here, but [she] didn’t know to what extent and how good it was going to be.  It was a nice pat on the back to us.”


Obama said when she took the podium, “And just so that the press understands, you maybe see some of our staff people with big gashes and cuts on their heads, it’s just Hollywood happening here,” In particular, she called out her Social Secretary Jeremy Bernard.

“I was shocked that his nose was cut up,” Obama said. “This stuff is pretty good — very realistic.”


From left to right: Scott Stoddard, Harvey Weinstein, Shane Mahan, Alan Scott

From left to right: Scott Stoddard, Harvey Weinstein, Shane Mahan, Alan Scott

And of course, no trip to the White House is complete for us without a look into the amazing art and architecture of such an historic monument.  As artists ourselves, we are captivated by the art and design around us.  It is almost difficult to concentrate on the task at hand with such a vast array of legendary art and historic craftsmanship literally at out fingertips (without actual touching, of course).





A few articles from the event can be found here and here, and Mrs. Obama’s wonderful speech can be found below in its entirety.



Without a doubt, this trip has been a momentous one, for us and for the kids who participated in the event.  We’re glad we could be a part of this event, and share what we do and love with children from all walks of life.  It is truly inspiring for us!


Thanks for checking in.



Legacy wins Best in Show at 3D Printshow London

Legacy Effects has hopped the pond to London and Paris for this year’s 3D Printshow. The London Design Center hosted the first leg of the show this past weekend, and on display was our 3D-Printing-based effects work for Iron Man, Avatar, Real Steel, and Pacific Rim, among others. Bloomberg TV was there to ask our lead systems engineer Jason Lopes for the rundown:



Not only has the show been a hit with the 10,000+ people in attendance, but we picked up Best in Show:

We want to thank everyone at 3DPrintshow. It’s been an amazing event so far. Our exhibit heads to the Carrousel Du Louvre in Paris this Friday!


Legacy Effects Featured At Stan Lee’s Comikaze Convention

Greetings, true believers!!  The 3rd annual Comikaze event in LA just wrapped up, and WOW what a time it was.  This event has grown from 35,000 people in 2011 to 50,000 plus!  With scores of pop culture celebrities on hand; from Elvira to Weird Al, this con has it all, including a little Legacy.  We even had our own panel where members of the Legacy team were interviewed about the state of modern practical effects.


We had an AWESOME time, and got to show uber fans some of the coolest Marvel props and effects we have had the pleasure to work on.  Marvel suits, characters and maquettes based on Stan Lee’s work on display at the Comikaze Con.  Including Legacy Effects work from “Iron-Man” “Iron-Man 2” “Thor” “The Avengers” “Iron-Man 3” and “Captain America 2: The Winter Soldier”.  The WIRED Mech even made a guest appearance and interacted with the crowd.  Don’t worry, he didn’t try to destroy too many people this time.






And, who’s this gigantic fellow?  No, not the green guy, the big “hulking” guy standing next to him.  Don’t make him angry, you wouldn’t like him when he gets angry.



We even had staff artist Jamie Grove doing a painting demo in collaboration with the Stan Winston School at their booth next to our Legacy booth.  The WIRED Mech hung out in the background to make sure Jamie didn’t screw up.


It was so cool to be part of such an amazing event with such an iconic industry legend.  We can’t wait for next year!  Thanks Stan!



Check out the video below for some behind the scenes with Stan at the Legacy studio.  Thanks for stopping by!  Excelsior!!!




Happy Halloweeeeeeeeen!!!  We had a lot of fun showing you many of the behind the scenes awesomeness here at Legacy, we hope you enjoyed it too.  To end this month with a bang, below are our Halloween costumes from this year, and boy, are they cool!  Most of them were made from scratch by the employees themselves.  Take a peek, and be sure to keep coming back because we have a lot more to share with you!

























Eerily yours!




Happy Halloweeeeeeen, everyone!!  It’s our favorite holiday around the studio, and we’re sure you can guess why.  Let’s cap off this amazing holiday with a look at previous year’s Legacy staff costumes.  The following post will be this year’s costumes.  Enjoy!!

Legacy Halloween, 2012:












Legacy Halloween, 2010:









Check out this year’s costumes at the following post!



Exciting iMut8r News!

In 2008, we at Legacy had a dream: That one day you could take photos of yourself and your loved ones and turn them into the most repulsive amalgam of horror imaginable. One foggy fall eve that year, the iMut8r app was born.

imut8r blog pic 1Mwuhahahaha


The app was a hit. People from all over the globe turned selfies into hideous portraits of terror. It was named App of the Week by Apple. It created mass hysteria that shut down entire cities for weeks. Okay, that last one wasn’t true. But our app has been a perennial Halloween favorite the past five years. People mix and match from eight different monster categories to create original mutations, never-before-seen amalgamations of sinew, suture and fang to impress their friends and intimidate enemies.

imut8r blog pic 3

Well we’ve got some great news: iMut8r 2.2.0 has just been released! It’s been updated for iOS7 and the iPhone 5 and has an entirely new monster category to choose from, The Creeping Flesh, where you can scar your skin or make it crawl and melt!


imut8r blog pic 2
Got a photo of you and a friend? Share your epidermal maladies and conjoin yourselves! It’s a brand new feature for 2.2.0 that’s got us spooked.

photo 2

iMut8r is one of our favorite creations, because we get to see what other people create with it. Update to the new version and let’s see what you make! (It’s a dollar in the Apple App Store for newbies.)



Chipotle Frankenstein

Picture this: you’re out trick or treating, minding your own business, and suddenly a big Chipotle burrito drops right into your treat bag!  Well, that may not happen, but Chipotle restaurants did the next best thing.  Last year they did a promotion in which burritos were only $2 for all costumers in costume.  Not a bad deal, and fun too!


The funny and talented Rob Riggle, as a jerky version of Frankenstein’s Monster, introduces this promotion for Chipotle.  The makeup is relatively simple, and we created some prosthetics to give him a great Franky look.  We kept the makeup light so Rob’s blockhead actions and gestures can shine through, creating one colossal creep.






The Chipotle spot was a lot of fun to work on, and Rob had us all in stitches.  It’s definitely one of those commercials you can watch over and over again.  Thanks for stopping by, and be sure to check back each day for more nuts and bolts of the effects industry.


-Legacy EFX


Frankenstein “It’s Alive” Charity Auction

It’s Halloween time, boys and ghouls, and what better way to celebrate than a whole month of blog posts packed with the spooky effects you have come to know and love from Legacy Effects? Sure, a costume party with scantily clad ‘nurses’ and ‘kittens’ could be better, but this is right up there. So let’s kick off this awesome month with one of the most notable movie creatures of all time, Frankenstein’s Monster!


A face only everyone can love!

A face only everyone can love!

Bet you thought the above photo was a colorized image of Karloff the Uncanny himself.   It’s actually a spitting image sculpture of the amazing Boris, but the finish is all from Legacy Effects.  We put this together as a charity auction piece for the “It’s Alive” project, supporting St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital.  One of the greatest movie monsters of all time, Frankenstein’s monster is a huge influence, and the reason many of us are in the business today.  Naturally, we jumped at the chance to recreate this silver screen legend in an immortal medium, especially for such a great cause.

The criteria for this project are to use an existing unfinished Frankenstein’s monster bust, and from it create an art piece.  Being the movie geeks we are, we want to stay true to the image of the monster as he would appear in real life.  We tried to deliver  the most accurate representation of Franky as we could, adding realistic skin, scaring and hair to make this beast come alive.

110922_Franky_painting_WIP_58867 110921_Franky_painting_WIP_58864


Eye See You


Chicks Dig Scars ….And Staples.

111004_Frankenstein (1) 111004_Frankenstein (3) 111004_Frankenstein (8) 111004_Frankenstein (62)

This has been an unbelievable opportunity to work on a memorable piece and raise money for an amazing charity.  Please visit the “It’s Alive” site to see all of the other creative pieces, and even a few with the option to purchase and add to the donation.  Check back often, because this month will be chock full of creepy goodness!


-Legacy EFX