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Super Bowl 2015

It’s that time of year again! There’s a chill in the air, snow falls lightly on the ground…  Everyone’s favorite holiday is upon us.  That’s right, THE SUPER BOWL! (Or as some know it, Commercial Bowl.)  Once again, Legacy is kicking off this monumental event with several spots that are sure to thrill and entertain all you sports fans out there.  It’s the only time of year people actually want to watch commercials.  Thanks, Super Bowl!

Bud Light: Pac-Man

Waka Waka Waka Waka…  No, that’s not the sound of Fozzie Bear stuck in a loop.  It’s the sound of the Chairman of the Video Gameboard, Pac-Man!  This year, the ad wizards at Bud Light went big with a larger than life, live version of Pac-Man in downtown LA.  One unsuspecting fan scored the chance of a lifetime to run the digital gauntlet and receive a refreshing Bud Light upon its completion.  A game of Pac-Man wouldn’t be a challenge without those menacing ghosts, Inky, Blinky, Pinky and Clyde, and that’s where Legacy glides into play.  Check out how we brought the digital g-g-g-ghosts to “life”.




Pac-Man turns 35 this year, and what better way to celebrate than creating a life-sized Pac-Man maze and running a surprised, beer-thirsty civilian through it?  Rewarding that civilian with an icy-cold beer is a pretty good way to finish that off.  Bud Light worked tirelessly and sectioned off a part of downtown LA to create the larger than life-size labyrinth, complete with power pellets, 8-bit cherries and the ghosts themselves.  Well, Legacy had something to do with the latter.  We went “old school” to create these pesky poltergeists, staying true to the pixelated form.





These ghoulies are a lot of fun to make. They are completely people powered, with a network of LED light strips running throughout.  Each ghost is constructed of a lightweight frame covered in a white fabric and fitted with a back rig that will attach to the performer inside.  We made 5 (1 as a back up) of the same ghost and rigged the lights to flood the fabric with each ghost’s signature color.  The beauty of this method is that each ghost can be it’s own color, but with the flip of a switch can change into “panic mode” color after a power pellet is “chomped”.

To give the ghosts their floating appearance, the performers inside will wear roller skates and glide around the maze smoothly.  However, the maze walls are only 6 feet wide, and the ghosts are 5 feet wide only giving 6” of play on each side.  These performers have to be on their game to make sure they don’t wipe out and hurt themselves.


Check out the full commercial below, and keep reading for the other spots we worked on.



Nationwide Insurance

Nationwide Insurance launched their new “Make Safe Happen” advert this Super Bowl.  This ad features a young boy talking about all his boyhood dreams in a 47 second spot.  Legacy’s contribution to this commercial is the jet pack the little boy uses when learning to fly.






This ad is one of the more serious to be featured during the Super Bowl, but nevertheless delivers a powerful impact on a very sensitive subject.


Skittles: Arm Wrasslin’

Skittles ads are some of the most over the top commercials on T.V., so when we were asked to be involved, we leapt at the chance.  This year’s spot is set in a tiny town where all of the inhabitants settle their differences with arm wrestling.  The catch is, everyone in this town has incredibly muscular right arms.  This is where Legacy lends a “hand”.


We got straight to work sculpting and casting 50 prosthetic right arms for this spot, along with one left arm for the final shot of the ad.  Since every person is different, so is each arm.  We created arms for men, women, children and even a baby.  Each arm is treated as a unique art piece, decorated with varying flesh tones, punched hair and tattoos.






When the arms are pulled from the molds, seams are cleaned and touched up, and skin color and details are applied at the paint stage.  The arms are cast in foam latex (*site), which look, move and even flex like real skin.  Expert painting, hair and detail work make the arms look like an actual part of the performer.






Check out the full commercial below and taste the rainbow!



BONUS:  In addition to the Big Game ads, our work is featured in this summer’s biggest blockbusters, including Avengers: Age of Ultron; Terminator Genisys; and Jurassic World.  View the next set of trailers released during the Super Bowl below, and get in line to see these films now!


Sears Chupacabra

Let’s turn our attention to one of the scariest creatures of Mexican lore, the Chupacabra!  This pesky critter is to blame for vicious goat attacks across South America.  In this Spanish language spot for Sears, the Chupa turns up in a family’s garage as dad is testing out his new matter fabrication laser.


The Chupacabra is a legend as old as Mexico itself, yet unlike the legend of Bigfoot or even Nessie, no one really knows what the Chupacabra looks like.  That’s where we get to have a lot of fun!  Our designers whipped up some awesome concepts of what a Chupacabra may look like according to tales and  “sightings” of the creature.  Once the design is approved, we dive in on sculpting this effect as a full body suit for the actor.





After sculpting is complete, the suit is cast in foam rubber and painted with exacting detail.  A fiberglass “skull” is created and fits over the actor’s head and face.  The Chupa’s face, mouth and eyes are all animatronic, so the skull houses all the gears and servos that operate the movement of those features.  Once the skin is placed over and adhered to the skull, the actor is able to suit up, and boom!–you have one creepy-ass goat eater on your hands.




We hope you enjoyed this look into the making of the Sears Chupacabra.  Check out the spot below to see the creep in full action.  See you on the next spooktacular post!




Sprint Zombie

When the zombie apocalypse finally comes, the un-dead will probably need cell service too.  You know, so they can keep up to date on where the best feeding frenzies are and such.  Feast your eyes upon the Sprint Zombie.


We did a full head sculpt for this guy, over the top of the casting of the actor’s head.  Ghoulish hand detailing is also sculpted into the creature’s face.  Once the sculpts are finished we mold and cast the applications in foam latex.  We work the head out in a way so the make-up is similar to a Halloween mask, making the head a one-piece application.  Some prosthetic applications are multiple pieces with several attachment points.  On this guy we only have to attach and glue seams around the actor’s eyes, mouth and ears.  A disheveled wig of real human hair is then added after the application is gruesomely painted.






Don’t cry, little buddy. We’ll have you back out eating brains in no time.


And another human is decomposed for your viewing pleasure!  This spot is quite funny, and the zombie looks like he will be a reoccurring character for Sprint.  Luckily for them, zombies live forever, as long as they keep him well fed.  Check out the full spot below, along with a follow up piece.  We’ll continue to chew your ear on the next hair-raising post.


-Legacy EFX



T-Mobile Frankenstein

Welcome back, boys and ghouls!  The month is half way through, and we are still cranking out spooky posts to tantalize your taste for the macabre.  Today’s post is another iteration of the classic creature, Frankenstein’s Monster.  We’ve done a few Frankys over the years, and he never gets old.  From the classic look of Karloff to our own take on the beast; each one is a treat and special to us in different ways.  This time we would like to introduce you to T-Mobile’s Franky.


Look at that piecemeal mug; that is a handsome monster!  We jumped into this version of Franky with both platform-shoed feet first.  We took a life cast of the actor’s face and set our art department straight to work on sculpting.  We did a few designs of the creature, but ultimately wanted him to feel like he was pieced together from many faces.  If you look closely, you can even see that one of his ears is positioned lower and further away from his face than the other.






After the sculpt is complete, we mold and cast this makeup in a foam latex prosthetic appliance that is split into four pieces; head, nose/upper lip, ear and jaw.  The prosthetic is applied to the face with the use of spirit gum, and blended together to camoflauge the seams.  All pieces and exposed skin are painted the ghoulish grey/green color expected of a Frankenstein Monster.  Stitches, staples and bolts are added as the final touches, with the custom wig topping off the whole effect.  Since bulky clothes cover most of his body, the only areas that require makeup are the face, forearms and hands.  Detailed makeup is applied to the wrists to make the hands appear stitched to the arms.  The arms and hands are then painted to match the flesh tone of his head.








130330_Frankenstein_SET_58914 (1)

“It’s alive!”  A reanimated monster is thus created and at your service and here to tell you about the benefits of T-Mobile!  Frankenstein’s Monster is a staple of the pages of pop culture icons, and as long as the Frankenstein challenge is thrown our way, we will continue to knock it out of the park with our effects.  Check out the hilarious spot below featuring our Franky in his failed attempt to put his obtuse creator in his place.  See you on the next post, raised straight from the grave.


-Legacy EFX



Honda Monster

Imagine driving around with your friends in your brand new Honda, your freshly manicured claws tapping along to the rhythm of your favorite song, the wind blowing through your fur.  Hey, girls just wanna have fun… even monster girls.  Meet the Honda Monster!


This Honda spot and the beast we created for it is a lot of fun.  Like the Zicam Monster, we made a complete monster with full fur suit and animatronic eyes, ears and mouth.  As you see in the images below, there is a lot that went into this suit to transform our little actress, Misty Rosas, into a complete furry co-ed, headed out for an afternoon on the town.  The under suit is made of foam, shaped to fill out the monster’s body and the fur applications over it.



The hands and feet are foam “gloves” made to fit over the Misty’s own appendages.  The head is similar to a fiberglass helmet, with built in animatronics for the eyes, mouth and ears.  The animatronics are then remote operated by a puppeteer off camera.  Great care is taken with the placement and operation of the motors and servos for the mechanics, as they are literally centimeters from the Misty’s face.  The hair and fur for the suit is hand dyed and is hand punched with colored spots to give the monster her unique coloring.







And there you have it, another creature courtesy of Legacy Effects!  View the spot below in its entirety to see how cute our little monsteress turned out.  She was a lot of fun, and not a bad driver if you ask us.  We’ll see you on the next monster of a post, from the team here at Legacy!  Thanks for stomping by.


-Legacy EFX



H&R Block Reaper

Let’s turn our attention to the Santa Claus of Halloween: the Grim Reaper himself!  What is more certain in this life than death and taxes?  Well, H&R Block put the two together in a chilling Super Bowl ad, where Death visits his accountant to inform him of his errors and to take his business to H&R Block.  The spot is tongue-in-cheek, but that did not stop us from creating a horrifying depiction of Death.


Death is already intimidating on his own, but we decided to make him even more so by exaggerating his height to nearly double that of an average man.  This menacing, looming figure will take your breath away.  We built an inner structure that can be attached to the actor inside the cloak.  Because it attaches right to the actor’s shoulders, any movement the actor makes will accurately translate to the heightened figure, thereby looking more authentic.  A structure of this sort also keeps the actors’ hands free to articulate the skeletal arms of Death.


Sorry James, it was nice knowing you.





Death is a great character to create, albeit a well known one.  We were up to the challenge of taking this class creature and amping the design up to make him more terrifying than ever.   The gentleman who did Death’s taxes is one brave soul, to be sure.  Check the full spot below, and pray our victim isn’t at H&R Block the same day you get your taxes done.  Check back for more deadly posts this month, only at Legacy Effects!





Charter Werewolf

I can do anything you can do better; I can make a werewolf better than you!  Ok, maybe it doesn’t roll off the tongue quite like the original song, but we’re pretty confident we made a classic Lon Chaneyesque werewolf.  Meet the Wolfman of Charter Cable.


Charter Cable has a pretty cool concept for their commercial in which they take Irving Berlin’s “Anything You Can Do, I Can Do Better”, from Annie Get Your Gun, and perform it with several characters from different movie genres across several different media devices.  One of those characters is the iconic Wolfman, and Legacy was up to the task to make him sing.  In fact, Legacy’s own co-founder, John Rosengrant, suited up as the furry falsetto.   Well, maybe he’s more of a tenor.








Even though the spot is fairly brief, we put a lot of detail into this makeup.  We went with a full upper body suit with fur arms, chest and back piece, plus foam latex mask applique and fangs.  You can’t even tell that’s John’s handsome face under all that fur.




Frankenstein, vampires, and now Wolfman. We have almost all the classics covered, and we aren’t even two weeks into October.  Check the full Charter spot below to hear John flexing his furry chops in a beautiful rendition of Berlin’s masterpiece.  Keep checking back all month for more hair-raising Halloween posts, only from Legacy.


-Legacy EFX



Reliant Zombie

Zombies, zombies, zombies!!  Everywhere you turn around these days there are zombies.  Well, we couldn’t be happier!  Here’s the zombie we created for Reliant Energy, and boy is he pretty!


The zombie is portrayed by our own key concept designer, Ian Joyner, who was selected from numerous Legacy crewmembers that tried out for the part, each one of them providing a horrific and totally “blackmailable” filmed audition for the role.



He’s your pretty standard zombie–rotting flesh, dead eyes, and remains of his last feed still on his lipless mouth. We did a foam latex applique for this zombie, including face, chest, and arms.  Check out the images below to see the monstrous transformation!






So much effort went into transforming Ian for this piece, and in the final product you really only see the silhouette of his legs.  Oh well, c’est la vie.  See the Reliant spot below in its entirety.  We still turned out a pretty creepy zombie that we can be proud of, and we can’t wait to sink our teeth into the next one, so bring ‘em on!  Check back all month long for some awesome posts and behind the scenes views of some of our most deadly projects.


-Legacy EFX



AT&T Monster

Continuing our Halloween themed posts, meet the AT&T Monster!


“The brief called for a big, furry monster-in-the-closet-type thing, but friendly,” lead artist, Vance Hartwell, explains. The monster’s proportions were very top-heavy. “The clients wanted a monster similar to that big, red monster with the tennis shoes in Warner Brothers cartoons; that kind of body proportion”.  A fur suit was built around Ted Haines’ upper body, and positioned in front of him from the chest down as the dimensions slimmed. Haines’ green-suited body was then removed in postproduction. Hartwell adds, “The face was a straightforward sculpt, and we used white National Fiber Tech hair and airbrushed it. On set, the little actress loved the monster in real life and wouldn’t stop hugging it!”








This monster posed some pretty fun challenges, and all in all came out looking pretty slick.  Reminiscent of a skinny abominable snow man with a heart of gold, don’t you think?  Only in the FX biz!  Check the spot below for the monster in action.  Thanks for stopping by, and check back all this month for more monstrous posts!!


-Legacy EFX


Chipotle Frankenstein

Picture this: you’re out trick or treating, minding your own business, and suddenly a big Chipotle burrito drops right into your treat bag!  Well, that may not happen, but Chipotle restaurants did the next best thing.  Last year they did a promotion in which burritos were only $2 for all costumers in costume.  Not a bad deal, and fun too!


The funny and talented Rob Riggle, as a jerky version of Frankenstein’s Monster, introduces this promotion for Chipotle.  The makeup is relatively simple, and we created some prosthetics to give him a great Franky look.  We kept the makeup light so Rob’s blockhead actions and gestures can shine through, creating one colossal creep.






The Chipotle spot was a lot of fun to work on, and Rob had us all in stitches.  It’s definitely one of those commercials you can watch over and over again.  Thanks for stopping by, and be sure to check back each day for more nuts and bolts of the effects industry.


-Legacy EFX