03 October

Audi Vampires

Continuing the theme of monsters and their desire for acceptance into the real world, we present to you with the Audi Vampire Super Bowl commercial from 2012.  Vampires are hot; just ask all those die hard Twilight fans out there.  Those ladies are CRAZY.  However, these slinky creatures of the night are just trying to enjoy a low-key evening away from the sharpened sticks and holy water filled squirt guns of the human world.


We fit each actor with specially made fang applications modeled on castings of their own teeth.  Then we took a bit of a different spin with this particular breed of vampire, and gave them two sets of vein draining canines.  Each actor also gets a set of piercing eyes, capable of staring into the very depths of a man’s soul.








Unfortunately for these sexy vamps, a careless friend and the super powerful Audi LED lights cut their night short.  We had a lot of fun with this piece, and luckily no real vampires were harmed during the evening shoot.  Check back for more blood-curdling posts all month long!