05 October

AT&T Monster

Continuing our Halloween themed posts, meet the AT&T Monster!


“The brief called for a big, furry monster-in-the-closet-type thing, but friendly,” lead artist, Vance Hartwell, explains. The monster’s proportions were very top-heavy. “The clients wanted a monster similar to that big, red monster with the tennis shoes in Warner Brothers cartoons; that kind of body proportion”.  A fur suit was built around Ted Haines’ upper body, and positioned in front of him from the chest down as the dimensions slimmed. Haines’ green-suited body was then removed in postproduction. Hartwell adds, “The face was a straightforward sculpt, and we used white National Fiber Tech hair and airbrushed it. On set, the little actress loved the monster in real life and wouldn’t stop hugging it!”








This monster posed some pretty fun challenges, and all in all came out looking pretty slick.  Reminiscent of a skinny abominable snow man with a heart of gold, don’t you think?  Only in the FX biz!  Check the spot below for the monster in action.  Thanks for stopping by, and check back all this month for more monstrous posts!!


-Legacy EFX