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06 February

Super Bowl 2015

It’s that time of year again! There’s a chill in the air, snow falls lightly on the ground…  Everyone’s favorite holiday is upon us.  That’s right, THE SUPER BOWL! (Or as some know it, Commercial Bowl.)  Once again, Legacy is kicking off this monumental event with several spots that are sure to thrill and entertain […]

21 February

Legacy Goes To Washington

One of the greatest honors for us as a studio is being invited to the White House, and we have been given this honor, not one, but three times.  On this third visit, we are extremely excited to have been included in the Bring Hollywood To Washington event, arranged by mega producer, Harvey Weinstein.  This […]

12 November

Legacy wins Best in Show at 3D Printshow London

Legacy Effects has hopped the pond to London and Paris for this year’s 3D Printshow. The London Design Center hosted the first leg of the show this past weekend, and on display was our 3D-Printing-based effects work for Iron Man, Avatar, Real Steel, and Pacific Rim, among others. Bloomberg TV was there to ask our lead […]

04 November

Legacy Effects Featured At Stan Lee’s Comikaze Convention

Greetings, true believers!!  The 3rd annual Comikaze event in LA just wrapped up, and WOW what a time it was.  This event has grown from 35,000 people in 2011 to 50,000 plus!  With scores of pop culture celebrities on hand; from Elvira to Weird Al, this con has it all, including a little Legacy.  We […]

31 October


Happy Halloweeeeeeeeen!!!  We had a lot of fun showing you many of the behind the scenes awesomeness here at Legacy, we hope you enjoyed it too.  To end this month with a bang, below are our Halloween costumes from this year, and boy, are they cool!  Most of them were made from scratch by the […]

31 October


Happy Halloweeeeeeen, everyone!!  It’s our favorite holiday around the studio, and we’re sure you can guess why.  Let’s cap off this amazing holiday with a look at previous year’s Legacy staff costumes.  The following post will be this year’s costumes.  Enjoy!! Legacy Halloween, 2012:   Legacy Halloween, 2010: Check out this year’s costumes at the […]

30 October

Sears Chupacabra

Let’s turn our attention to one of the scariest creatures of Mexican lore, the Chupacabra!  This pesky critter is to blame for vicious goat attacks across South America.  In this Spanish language spot for Sears, the Chupa turns up in a family’s garage as dad is testing out his new matter fabrication laser. The Chupacabra […]

21 October

Sprint Zombie

When the zombie apocalypse finally comes, the un-dead will probably need cell service too.  You know, so they can keep up to date on where the best feeding frenzies are and such.  Feast your eyes upon the Sprint Zombie. We did a full head sculpt for this guy, over the top of the casting of […]

18 October

T-Mobile Frankenstein

Welcome back, boys and ghouls!  The month is half way through, and we are still cranking out spooky posts to tantalize your taste for the macabre.  Today’s post is another iteration of the classic creature, Frankenstein’s Monster.  We’ve done a few Frankys over the years, and he never gets old.  From the classic look of […]

17 October

Honda Monster

Imagine driving around with your friends in your brand new Honda, your freshly manicured claws tapping along to the rhythm of your favorite song, the wind blowing through your fur.  Hey, girls just wanna have fun… even monster girls.  Meet the Honda Monster! This Honda spot and the beast we created for it is a […]